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Hi everyone. This is my journal made especially for others. This is where I will advertise for other deviants or people in need of help. This entry will be updated with new things added, and it will be added newest first, the oldest ones are further down. When it gets really cluttered, I will eventually have to clean it up. I see people needing help or wanting to help others every day. And because others have helped me in the past when I was going through some difficult times, I really want to pay it forward and help people who need it. I don't have a lot of money, so the best way I can help is by getting the word out to others. Please, if you have a moment, just read this journal and see if there is anything you can do to help. You can also help others by sharing the link to this journal. Thank you for reading! <3

If it absolutely has to be a new journal then I'm afraid I can't participate. The reason I don't make new journals for things like this is because this particular journal link is intended to help others, and as a result, has been spread around and given out to thousands of people by now (a lot more than my new journals that I post, anyway). So every time I update it as new, which is frequently, many people see it. If I post a new one, less people will see it in that case. I don't make exceptions about this for anyone, I'm so sorry.

:iconhyperplz: IMPORTANT! Sometimes it will be to help YOU. I will also add in free requests and giveaways to this journal too! They will be mixed in along with the other stuff. :meow:

Submissions marked with a :damphyr: are the ones that are in the most urgent need of help. I'm not saying some cases are worse or not, I'll leave that up to you to figure out.

If you need help, just leave a comment or send a PM letting me know. If you have links to anything that can help you, provide me with the links and I will add you or your cause to this journal. It's that easy.

How to be added here or get someone else added:
Send me a comment or note with the following information:
1. Name of the person who needs help.
2. Quick explanation of why they need help.
3. A LINK to what they need help with or the place we can link people to. (Like their journal where they've explained the details, etc.) No link, no add.

#3 is VERY IMPORTANT. If you don't give me a LINK with your request, your cause will NOT be added. Thank you.


:iconphysco-lpswolfy: is taking commissions: WinterWhiteMutt Point Commission PricesI can do cat, dog, anthro, and a few other things. NOTE me if you want anything

Hey! As you know, on my other account, no one buys commissions from me. If anyone new finds me, they MIGHT commission me. Everything will be as cheap as heck so you can afford everything, which everything is under 10:points:
Only headshot, +3 :points:
Full body, +6 :points:
Unanimated JD, +3 :points:
Comics, 10 :points: for 8 panels
Ref sheets, for 5-10 :points: depending on character. Will include what you wish.
I will do background for 1 extra point! -DOES NOT COUNT ON THE REF SHEET-
Putting more characters - 2 point for each extra character
Doing SUPER SUPER SUPER hard designs or something - 2 extra points
I found a great animating system and it stays clear! Not blurry, and it's Gif :D So, commission? And all of these are animated.

Hi! I am currently saving up points to get a premium. I'd appreciate if anyone would give spare points or commission me! These are my commission prices:… Thank you!

:iconemostookovertheworld: has a friend who is in need of help. She's suicidal. :thumb342128669:

:iconkaich3: is taking commissions. Information is on their page and here: Commissions (Starting at $1-$35)Commissions

Please Read so I can serve you well.

I have lost my Job so I'm opening up commissions again so i can keep my Internet up and running til i find another job.  I can draw upon what you wish for me to draw whether its a person from an anime, yourself, or your OC character. Just please be specific upon requesting your commission and always be sure to provide either a pic and/or pic reference of a pose for your commission. Be sure to note me the details of your commission.
Will try to draw: Mechas, Furries
Will not draw: Yaoi,Yuri, NSFW/Hentai/Explicit(18+), Holiday themed Request, Any Fetish.
*All Commissions are Colored Pics*
$1-Head Portrait of your choice of character.(Can also be your self) **Please provide reference Upon request**

$2.50-$10(Name your price depending on detail) Rough Commission- Quick Rough Sketch of an OC or

:iconmintdesucommishes: has cheap chibi commissions open right now, and does amazing chibis. Chibi point commissions [LIMITED SLOTS]
Via DeviantArt Premium Content Platform
$1 = 100 :points:
Hey guys, I come again with my commissions promo because I need money for a school trip. XD
:star: THE DEALS ARE :
:bulletblue: 5% discount if you promote my commissions info in your journal OR poll.
:bulletblue: 10% discount if you promote my commissions info in your journal, poll, AND signature.
:bulletblue: 10% discount if this is your second, third, fourth, etc commission from me.
you can possibly get 20% discount, so I guess my commissions aren't that expensive XD

:damphyr: Full bodies

:bulletblue: BW shaded : 300 :points:

Style 1                             Style 2

:iconahe-pup: needs help with her contest, no one is entering: :thumb337720204: and also has commissions open. The information is on her profile.

:iconenchantingwinx: is having a contest: competition #1My first competition!
-make a journal about this
-comment here with the link of the journal.
-help promote this competition, by posting it at at least one group you are a admin of
:bulletpurple:what to draw for the competition?:bulletpurple:
:new: started!!!-round 1: draw a season 5 outfit for Janet(deadline!!!29th December 2012)
-round 2: draw a love and pet for Janet
1st prize: a new oc in her enchantix plus a oc of your choice in my fan-made tranformation, agalmix!!
2nd prize:a new oc in her casual for season 3 plus her enchantix wings
3rd prize: a new oc in casual for season 1
I will upload your picture on my gallery but I will credit oyu for everything^^

:iconpillowmammoth: is open for commissions. She draws such awesome cats. See info here: :thumb341000989:

:iconjenova87: is open for commissions. ~ COMMISSIONS INFO ~If U want to commission me please send me a note entitled 'commission'
Here are the examples of regular commissions, but I'll be more than happy to draw more than one character,
or something different from propositions.
I'm very open person so feel free to write if U have any questions or doubts!
price for one FULLY VISIBLE character (with certain poses price for the 2nd character will be lower - like one chara standing behind) 
Simple background included^^
Max. 2 characters here
10$ (+3$ for extra object / small pet)
head shot: 10$
waist up: 20$ (+10$ 2nd chara)
full body: 30$ (+15$ 2nd chara)
(+5$ for extra object / small pet)
head shot: 25$
waist up: 35
Her artwork is fantastic, you should definitely check it out. :love:

:damphyr: :iconremysaur: is in dire need of help!  Her grandmother needs surgery and it's going to cost a lot of money. She needs to help as soon as possible!
GO HERE: Gramas HealthMy grama got into the hospital the other night her pace maker started to shock her and she started having jolts....i had to call 911 and now there gonna fly her out to pheonix. Her Hospital Bill is about $500-$800 and thats not even for the surgery...So since i have no one commissioning me i just wanted to ask if someone could maybe get the word out? maybe post a journal linking bakc to this one and they i maybe i can get some more commissions for her surgery bill..My grama is 84 years old going on 85. I will draw anything and do anything just for $5 so please. If you dont have money for it put a little journal about it or something anything can help <3
I am also selling pokemon cards and pokemon drawings for $5-$20 i have books and comics i am willing to part with. Please note me if your interested i will keep a box on my page saying how much money i have made so far.
Also if i would like to see my grama in pheonix the flight would be about $300 so the most money i am looking forwa

:iconfrumplesaurus: is having a contest. Contest~ (End date extended)So my username, Frumplesaurus, has lead me to wonder what a Frumplesaurus is. So I'm holding a contest!
:bulletblue: No using bases
:bulletgreen: It must be your own work
:bulletblue: The art must show effort (no sketches, but plain backrounds/no shading is fine.)
[Bullet; Green] You CAN WRITE about a frumplesaurus
[Bullet; Blue] Be creative! That's how this will be judged.
[Bullet; Green] The current end date is around December 9th, but if many ask, or not enough people join,an extension could happen
[Bullet; Yellow] Fav this journal
[Bullet; Red] Write a journal to encourage your watchers and friends to join!
[Bullet; Yellow] Post a comment with the link to the art/literature and the

:icontoxicskullie027: is taking point commissions. So I Need Points. . . Commissions Are Open. . .*sigh* My contests took like all of my points :/ And my PM is almost out :/ and ugh. . . Well commissions are open. . . Don't think anyone will get one. . . I will work on the ones I have to do soon. . . :/ Lot of HW lately. . . Internet has been down :/ Meh. . . Well Here Are The Prices Again LOL
:new: Journal Skins 8-20 :points: w/ simple BG
Add Shading +2:points:
And Complex BG +4:points:
Each Extra Character +4:points:
:bulletred: Full Body 4-10:points:  w/ simple BG or transparent
:bulletorange: Waist Shot 3:points: w/ simple BG or transparent
:bulletyellow: Head Shot 2[Points] w/ simple BG or transparent
[Bullet; Green] Journal Doll (non animated) 4[Points]
[Bullet; Blue] Journal Doll (animated) 6-9[Points]
[Bullet; Purple] Icon (non animated) 2[Points] w/ simple BG
[Bullet; Red] Icon (animated) 3-8[Points] w/ simple BG
[Bullet; Orange] Linked Icons (non animated) 4[Points] +2[Points] per extra icons w/ simple BG
[Bullet; Yellow] Linked Icons (animated) 13[Points] +6[Points] per extra icons

:iconvisaga: is taking commissions for the first time. .:Commissions Information:.COMMISSION STATUS: OPEN

Types, Examples And Prices (USD)

Partial Commission
Only shows the upper half of character(s).
Includes detail, color and background.
Digital or traditional.
From $230 to $250
(Depending on complexity)

Complete Commission
Full-body character (s).
Has detail, color, and simple/elaborate background depending on request.
Digital or traditional. 
From $280 to $300
(Depending on complexity)

Sketch Commission
Full-body character (s) in a blank or co

:damphyr: :iconamzythechangeling: needs help raising funds for a new tablet... FUCK MY LIFE!Well, my tablet pen is broke for shit! Plus my tablet is kind of... worn out. It keeps disconecting from my comp and it's really annoying. So... I will be opening $1 - $5 TRADITIONAL drawn commissions so I can buy a new tablet. Please help me... T^T
She is also having a contest here: CONTEST TIEM!!!! Birthday remix!!!So, I was originally supposed to start this contest 3 days ago, but as some of you know, things have been difficult.
So, here are the categories:
-Amzy the Changeling Fanart
*Can be Amzy x Ezra, Halfheart, Hachi, or any character/oc of your choice that is not cannon to MLP: FiM.
*Can be Amzy vs Spade, Mechanic, Ace, Club, or any character/oc of your choice.
*Can include Amzy's outfit, but it is not mandatory.
*Stuff that is not pg-13 is acceptable and encouraged.
-Amzy's Pride Fanart
*Must include Amzy.
*Can include any of the other characters in the series so far, including characters that I have adopted and not yet drawn.
*Please keep it pg-13 if you DO draw this particular fanart.
*No characters from TLK cannon please. (Unless it's Kovu, cause he's my fave. ^.^)
-Artistina Fanart
*Can include any other character from PaintClan.
*Do Not include any characters not in PaintClan please.
-My favorite Characters!!!
*Must include at least ONE of the following:
   -Justice Le

:damphyr: :iconflaaffeh: needs help raising money to pay for car problems. :thumb330628183:

:damphyr: :iconkaiikaii: needs help paying for their Mom's surgery... It is URGENT. Details here: Help...for mom's surgeryEDIT 24/11/2012: aksgjkasg finally get around to update on my situation in case people are wondering oops;;/ I'm not dead yet. Been horribly busy with college preps and exams and other stuff at school, art projects doing too many projects for CAS atm at well (orphanages and charity and other things yeah basically you just need to know, never take IB diploma _(:3JL)_ )
WELL UHH FIRST OFF...THANK YOU SO MUCH FOR YOUR SUPPORT :iconcryforeverplz: aksjgksdjglsdg my mom got the surgery and currently still being under surveillance of the hospital, in isolation, the doctors arent letting anyone visit for more than a few min each day;;....But-- she should be recovering steadily right now..!! (That's what dad said...since I'm not in that city/hometown atm;; )
My family loaned money for the surgery haha _(:3JL)_ yesterday dad just told me the medicines he bought for mom costed about 1700USD and I was like uhhh nani :iconslashshockplz: . .. . I know really well how much the income of my dad

:bulletblue: :iconhoney-pawstep: is having a contest to design a Gala dress for her OC.
:bulletred::bulletorange::bulletyellow:THEME IS: Design us a dress for the Gala! :bulletgreen::bulletblue::bulletpurple:
there will be :star:2:star: winners per pony
:trophy:WINNER GETS: 10:points: and a free (unanimated =()icon
please draw my OC Princess Violet:
personality: sweet, kind and caring. loves to play with friends and go out for peaceful flights on sunny days. Single
and Sarah's OC StarShine:
personality: adventurous, fun, caring. loves to do tricks and fly up in the sky no matter what weather. Taken (by Lightning Tumble)
[Bullet; Blue] can be digital or traditional art, doesn't matter
[Bullet; White] no bases allowed you must be creative.
[Bullet; Black] What should I NOT include in my entry?
   [Bullet; Red] Violence
   [Bullet; Red] Really mean actions
   [Bullet; Red] Anything that would make your entry censored
[Bullet; Blue] This is a visual art contest.
What y

:bulletblue: :iconjeweltheponylover12: is having a contest right now. It's to draw her MLP OC in her Gala dress.
See details- Sugar Rush Gala Contest ^^ *re post ^-^*Hiya guys ^^ *its been a wile since ive done a journal entry XD*
I have decided that I am haveing a contest ^^
What is it u may ask? To draw Sugar Rush in her gala dress :D No Bases! *i have already designed a dress for her ^^*
Here is Sugar rush in her pony and human form -> *her human form is the one with the gala dress XD*
u have 2 choices tht u can do for this contest *there will be a winner for both ^^*
Choice 1:
Draw Sugar rush in her Pony Form with the gala dress *u can make little modifications to the dress, but not to much ^^*
Choice 2:
Draw Sugar rush in her Human Form with the gala dress *u can make little modifications to the dress, but not to much ^^*
The judges will be: :iconjeweltheponylover12:
Prizes *for both choices* ^^:
1st Place: 20

:damphyr: :iconmissmouri: needs donations for heart surgery. Please read: :thumb329642189:

:damphyr: :iconklydekiss: needs help paying for school and is in a financial bind. Details here: In desperate need of help *Update*Previous journal:
As you can recall I pleaded for help recently due to my horrid financial situation and I'm here to update my status for all who were concerned.
I will start with the bad news:
  -I am still in the same situation and sadly I was forced to drop out of school. I absolutely tried the best I could. I've emailed staff for help, I've been in the financial office almost daily but nothing helped.
After speaking with my financial adviser, she told me to get away from my school. She said the school over charged students and was meant only for the rich, she was right. I guess I figured I deserved a higher education.  
I'm not ready to downgrade though. I am giving it my all to transfer to Parsons NewSchool. Parsons is more expensive however, due to it being a non profit school, I will receive more aid. I am also eligible for a 2 year scholarship for my junior and senior year which would be

:damphyr: :iconicheddar: just unexpectedly got a new puppy and needs some extra cash in order to take care of her well.
They are doing full body digital commissions for $7.50 if you go to this journal and read the instructions:…

:bulletblue: :iconpoisonlicious: is holding 2 contests right now. They are her first contests and I hope lots of people enter. Visit her page or check these out:

:damphyr: :iconnay-hime: is in trouble and really needs help! Commissions are open for just $10, that's a great deal! Thank you ^_^I wanna thank you all who support me and help me.
Thanks for you, I could help my father a little. ^_^ He still unemployed though. XD Poor him.
Anyway, I will close commissions now to I have time to finish all I have to do.
Thank you so much :3
Hello folks.
I don't like come here to ask help, specially financial aid, but I need to.
My father are unemployed more than one month (/edit: it's already more than two months lol), and his money is ending. Thanks God my mother have a job, but the worse: yesterday, here had very strong wind, I was so scary. >.
Check it out!

:bulletblue: I just found out :iconespeonshiny: is taking point commissions and they are AMAZING! :love: It's a great deal, just check out her forum post here:… She specializes in Pokemon. :meow:

:bulletblue: :iconoutlawwulfy: has point commissions open:…  :eager: Go see!

:bulletblue: :iconaqua-amethyst-angel: needs points and will make you a custom character design. :meow: She also takes writing commissions.



These are all free giveaways of some sort, either of points or PM's or art or something else.
**Please Note: Newest are added on top. This is how I share information with people about giveaways, and if I absolutely HAVE to post a new journal for your giveaway, well then I just won't enter. People come to this journal for help and to help others, it's been around for a long time but I can still update it so everyone sees it fresh in their inbox. Trust me, more people will see it when I do it this way. This link's been around!

100 point giveaway! :thumb343343397:

270 point Xmas giveaway! [CLOSED] 270 point 'Christmas Spirit Giveaway'Well, it's been awhile since I've been here at deviantART.  How I missed thee!  Guess I needed a break from it to fully concentrate because it was a little bit of a distraction from school.  But, with that behind me, I'm planning on being active again.  If you so happen to stumble upon this journal entry, I'm going to let you in on a little secret.
I'm currently having a...........
:bulletgreen::bulletred::bulletgreen::bulletred:Christmas Spirit Giveaway!:bulletred::bulletgreen::bulletred::bulletgreen:
Deadline to enter: December 23rd
Drawing to take place on December 25th

In this season of giving, I will be giving deviants a chance to win some prizes.  These prizes will be different size point prizes.  Now how can you participate in this great giveaway?  Check the info below  
How To Enter The Giveaway

:star:  (Free ticket for participating)  Send a note or comment, provide either your profile, deviation, contest, kir

Winter Raffle! Winter Raffle Results!Winter Raffle!! :iconlawooplz::iconlawooplz::iconlawooplz:
From :iconcoolhorse1:
Free Horse AdoptUnused
From :iconforeverloved525:
Free Adopts, Pre-made
Small Point Prizes
From :iconkalinereine:
Points (10)Unused
From :iconredrosegreyworld:
Animated Icon
From :iconleviathandemon:
From :iconbadkitty-adopts:
Custom Dog Adopt, Any Breed with Color Scheme of your choice
From :iconpluswulfie:
Points (50)
Custom Wolf Adopt
From :iconfemalealphawolf:
2 Adoptables - Your Pick
From :iconyouwillbowtogenki:
Points (10)Unused
From :iconxxfatxcatxx:
Sorry for the late update ^^; I've been having some trouble connecting with the internet on my phone and haven't been able to do much. ;w;
Anywho! On to the results!
1: coolhorse1 - Pick your own prize (from me :3)
2: Foreverloved525 - Custom (from me :3)
3: KalineReine - Points (from xLapis)
4: Paradox-Zee - Points (f

50 points giveaway! my giveaway! :Dwell, i'm hosting a giveaway for yours :D
Now 65:points:!!!!
1) llama to me :hug:
2) watch me :D
3) write a journal about this giveaway and send me the link here
:new:the journals can be from November 27. I will not accept old journals! (sorry, i forgot)
need more chances?
4) send me the link of one of the videos that made you laugh uproariously (+1chance)
5) 2:points: = 1 chance
every 2 points means a chance (this is not necessary with the first 4 rules) For example: If you send 20 points, you have 10 chances
The more people sign up here in this giveaway, I will add more points to the prize
deadline: 20th december 2012

Win 100 points here: :thumb339187939:

1500 point giveaway :thumb333622219:

250 point giveaway! :thumb336523914:

800 point giveaway! :thumb338416084:

3,000 point giveaway! Holding a 3,000 point give-away!That's right guys! I'm holding a 3,000:points: give-away!! :'D
Prize list:
1. 2,000 + 2 customs
2. 500 + 1 custom
3. 500 + 1 custom
I will be choosing the winners using to generate random numbers ;v;
How to enter:
To get one number:
:bulletblack: Make a journal about this give-away and post a link to it in the comments~
To get two numbers: (This does not mean you get three numbers overall, you can only get 2 numbers max)
:bulletblack: Also be a watcher of mine!!
To get five numbers:
:bulletblack: Become a member of my group :iconnautical-adopts: :'D
/edit/ This group quality controlled and for adoptables, please do not be offended if you are declined!!

I'm taking this off for getting extra numbers as none of you seem to be reading the rules of the group at all :I
I will be keeping track of all the numbers on a word document ;v;
This will close on the 23rd of November, the day after my last exam, please enter! ;v;

100 point giveaway! 100 Point Giveaway!That's right my fellow subjects!
I am going to be doing a 100 point giveaway to my special children <33
:bulletblue:Must be watching me if you aren't already
:bulletgreen:Must llama me
:bulletpink:Must make a journal about this giveaway, and link it in the comments section in order to get your number
You will be getting a number after you comment with your journal in here and when I know that you are watching me and llama-ing me.
I will be using to choose the winner!
I will be choosing the winner on November 25th!

100 point Lottery! :thumb337853343:


Even if you can't commission someone, or donate money to them or their cause, spreading the word also helps a great deal. You can link to this journal, where I will continuously post things that I find about others needing help, or you can always check back here and link to their individual stories. Please and thanks. <3

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Ahe-Pup Featured By Owner Dec 4, 2012  Student General Artist
person who needs help:
why: i have a contest that nobodys entering and point commisions that nobodys buying and it makes me sad that people dont buy my commisions cuz it makes me feel like they hate my art :(
link: contest: [link] commisions: (on profile)
KalineReine Featured By Owner Dec 4, 2012  Professional Writer
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Ahe-Pup Featured By Owner Dec 4, 2012  Student General Artist
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Here is the exact comment: [link]
Enchantingwinx Featured By Owner Dec 4, 2012  Hobbyist Digital Artist
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here's the link:[link]
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erm.. I'm kinda desperate xD
I asked you before to help, but I kinda can't write a journal about it beause this person is one of my watchers. I sent a note to my watchers for help (lol I think I sent it to you too xD)

Do you mind if you type the note on here? Or do you know a website that I can type it on?
KalineReine Featured By Owner Dec 2, 2012  Professional Writer
I didn't get anything before... ^^; But I'm happy to help, what should I put in the journal?
Sparklepaws33 Featured By Owner Dec 2, 2012  Hobbyist Digital Artist
okay... c: thanks.

Hello fellow deviants! Sorry this wasn't in a journal. I'm trying my best to keep it a secret. c: I'm trying to raise :points: so I can give them to my best friend, ~Poisoned-feather She really deserves the points ;v; If you can help, please donate the amount of points you want to me and I'll add that to the counter. Even just 1 point would help out <3 I've raised a little over 100 points for her :3 Please help! <3 *Sparklepaws33
KalineReine Featured By Owner Dec 3, 2012  Professional Writer
Okay, I've added it. I now see why it was important to make an exception in this case. :heart: Sorry for the trouble.
Sparklepaws33 Featured By Owner Dec 3, 2012  Hobbyist Digital Artist
okay thanks so much <333
It was no trouble xD I just didn't want to spoil it for her since I already told her what one part was c:
KalineReine Featured By Owner Dec 4, 2012  Professional Writer
I totally understand. :love: That's really sweet.
Sparklepaws33 Featured By Owner Dec 4, 2012  Hobbyist Digital Artist

thanks c:
KalineReine Featured By Owner Dec 4, 2012  Professional Writer
No prob. <3
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