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Dead Dreams
Tangling through the vast catacombs shrouded in your heart,
Art imitates life, just as life imitates art.
And you alone are sacred, immaculate;
Dozing for solemn eons
With only your fair judgment for solace...
There is no safe place here,
Staring into a face, once held so dear,
Just reapers sewing the seeds of fear,
Not like this, not when the path is so unclear...
The truth that you obscure,
Makes the angel on my shoulder demure,
Losing touch with all once pure...
And so it is so;
With no way to ever rightly know,
It's the one thing that fills you with dread...
All of these broken dreams... are dead.
A thousand murdered martyrs
Couldn't bring them back.
:iconkalinereine:KalineReine 5 0
I am forever the understanding one;
The one that understands,
Yet is never understood.
You are so mistaken,
Knowing not what you've forsaken...
The hatred reigns,
Down through my head,
Convincing the vultures
That you are not dead.
I have not died yet...
For you cannot kill
What is already dead;
And oh, honey...
I died lifetimes ago.
:iconkalinereine:KalineReine 4 1
Bitter Allegory
I hate this... it...
I felt your spider tongue flicker across my synnapses,
Crossing into forbidden territory,
Felt the arachnid rear up and sink its fangs slowly into me,
Venom serving only to summon my heart to my throat...
Destroying all that was left within myself,
Picking my soul apart, bit by bit,
One pixel at a time,
'Til there's nothing left but time...
Even though it's not real.
If I could, I'd gladly spend all of my time with you;
Thoughts are filled by nothing else.
Like the venom that flows from your eyes,
Crystalline drops raining down,
Slipping from diamond eyes,
To slide down speckled porcelain cheeks.
I am a velvet sickness...
Like poison flames that lick across your lips,
Pouring over our wounds,
Scarring them in fine silken ink...
We are starbound;
Fate crosses the abyss tenfold for lovers...
No words will come to me...
And I choke on unshed tears...
Don't bother to come to save me...
There is no such thing as salvation,
I am as good as dead;
:iconkalinereine:KalineReine 1 3
Time Puddles
With you, I can breathe...
With you, I am free...
I thought I saw you there,
Waiting for me,
In the very last car on the train,
But really,
You hadn't even left the station...
My world is spun from illusion...
Life is nothing but a series of phases,
Fallacy forged from too many changes;
Delusions of grandeur and glamour...
Sick of crossing oceans
For people who wouldn't even
Jump into puddles for me...
(And every time I see a puddle,
I will surely think of you.)
If only there was some way to go back...
:iconkalinereine:KalineReine 4 5
Odin's Oak
Rushing, running through that same old forest,
Finding something sacred,
Some ancient, lost, sanctified place,
Dwelling deep within the realms
Of long forgotten dreams...
Vastly since faded...
When Odin's Oak comes calling,
It cannot be ignored.
And at the bottom,
Nestled betwixt the roots,
You will find many coins
Containing sacred hidden knowledge;
For that is true wealth.
But you must hide it,
Keeping it forever safe,
Within your weathered viking heart...
No one else will ever understand.
:iconkalinereine:KalineReine 3 0
Prophetic Visions
She is a goddess...
Her heart is vast enough to love everyone.
You cannot keep a goddess prisoner,
And expect that to be enough for her.
For her fickle heart was made to play,
In the meadows surrounding her soul...
Someday, she'll run away into His forest,
Never to return.
:iconkalinereine:KalineReine 6 8
No Time
Life takes us on such wondrous journeys...
From the swirling smoke of the mad dragon's gaping maw,
To the eye of Eden itself...
Stricken with guilt,
Suffocating from longing,
Choking on nature's tears,
Weeping for a fallen world...
We crawl and we climb,
Across this horizontal earth,
Doomed to be it's slaves...
Yet, against all odds we stand,
Married and marred,
To this eternal tomb of nightmarish tales...
Woven from the space between the hours,
Buried, beneath the sands of time...
:iconkalinereine:KalineReine 6 0
I Cannot, Ikenai
This world is so big,
And I...
I am so very small.
I... I can't.
And the little voice whispers...
"Yes, yes you can."
With such dreadful finality.
:iconkalinereine:KalineReine 4 2
Tangible Tangles
Hand over hand...
We crawl, ever onward...
Searching through your eyes,
Trying to find some lost tangible evidence,
A shred of truth,
And getting lost in the beautiful abyss...
Guarding your heart like a moat,
Yet fiercer than even dragons...
Phantoms fall,
Tea leaves swirl,
Whispering of our doomed future...
As I gasp for one last breath,
Before the tides drag me under,
Once again...
:iconkalinereine:KalineReine 5 2
Vue Haloo
Shadow has no end...
It is...
The endless cries of the fox,
As it is trapped and skinned;
'Tis a soft and solemn vow,
To always be silent,
Slinking like a shadow...
Lost in the night.
To find another way
To fade away,
To fall against your skin,
Embed myself within
All of the softness
Deep in the forest,
Lost within a song...
I cannot wait until the day,
When my spirit runs wildly through the trees,
Roaming and yearning and searching;
Do not fret for fading light,
Nor deign to wander in midnight meadows,
Treasonous treachery,
A betrayal of thine own soul;
Such an  o l d  soul...
I am the gypsy,
Fated wanderer...
Seeking shiny gypsum,
But it continues to elude me;
Hearing the fox's hallowed cadence,
Seeping with decadence,
Lashes lightly frosted with tears;
Careful, cautious,
The moon bleeds...
It's red blood dripping down,
From beneath a seething sky...
If beauty is only skin deep...
How thick your skin must be.<
:iconkalinereine:KalineReine 4 2
Make Love To Art
Even if others don't understand what I see in you,
Even if I don't understand what I see in you,
I still love you.
And isn't that what real love is about?
Not finding someone who is your perfect match,
But loving an imperfect person perfectly,
Making love an art form.
And making love to art.
That is what it would mean
To be with you,
And for you
To be with me.
Be with me, truly, and always...
:iconkalinereine:KalineReine 1 0
Peace In Between The Chaos
This is simply...
An ode to my beautiful serene sea...
The endless ocean where my heart rests...
My best kept secret,
Haunting me every night
Within the confines of my dreams...
Same as the place where my heart stands still,
You are a beautiful forest,
Hidden among the empty spaces within trees...
Counting the seconds,
Until I reach out for my sweet escape,
And drowning...
Buried within infinite symbols...
There is nothing more that I can do,
Now I'm dreaming of your smile,
Melting into a puddle of sin...
How I long to know
The heaven that lies in your arms,
And the wicked midnight of your soul...
It was so real, and so pure,
I could taste the epiphany of the dawn of your heart,
Laid to eternal rest inside a cold steel coffin...
All too soon.
Pouring liquid mercury onto a fire,
Watching the rage flash through it's eyes...
To find a way... to fade away...
:iconkalinereine:KalineReine 3 5
"The rains will come...
And when they do...
You will drown."
:iconkalinereine:KalineReine 3 0
The Night Goblin, the great Dream Prince... He comes out to seek her. Slowly stewing in her own filth, as gentle words come careening from her fingertips, feeling each word resonate from deep within her soul as she forms it... The deafening cacophonies weakening, as what was left of her heart withers away to nothing, until there's nothing left, just an endlessly gaping hole...
And he cries for the Ocean Gypsy, fated wanderess of sorrows untold, seeing fit to govern the gloom of an eternal midnight sky... And he was the only star that hung there, all of them, and also the moon, wicked and dark and mysterious... He comes out of darkness, to carry her away, forever... But she is blinded by her plight, and alas, she cannot see him... But she feels him there with her, always. The two lovers, separated by ages long since past, never able to touch, yet forever destined to meet; To know one another's soul, to crave each other's presence, and feel them there. I feel you... So powerfu
:iconkalinereine:KalineReine 3 0
We plant hatred like seeds in the soul of our hearts,
Like filthy dirt, wretched and wanton...
You do not know all that has been done to me.
Insidious, even in my greatest dissent.
Longing from on high, amidst mountaintops and lonely plains,
Endlessly rushing forth to nurture those seeds,
Venturing into the heart of the lion's den,
For my soul knows no true home, save for you...
These angel wings were broken long ago,
Set aloft in dreary skies...
The sun as cracked as the halo I once wore.
And golden eyes that choke.
I long to see it just once more, to be free...
My psyche enveloped in the morning mist,
Ravens calling out to me as their prey,
Their voices falling upon deafened ears,
Lavishing the guilt on thickly,
Smothering my self worth in the epitome
Of what it means to be a charlatan;
Hanging, dripping from a single sliver of moon.
I have lost my soul...
Forever fated to wander...
Across your fields of fervor,
Addicted to the scent of trees,
As the forest dies
:iconkalinereine:KalineReine 6 2
Like Needles Through My Veins by KalineReine Like Needles Through My Veins :iconkalinereine:KalineReine 14 12
Here you will find all of my latest stuff. I remove some things from featured, from time to time, but... You can find them in the folders on the left. Here you will find:
-Poetry, prose, and occasionally stories
-Artwork (mostly digital)
-Occasional photography
-Other random junk


Kaline Reine
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Morphie Fox Icon by CherushiMetsumari Facts About Me:

☆ My name is Kaline and that is what I prefer to be called.
☆ I love art, literature, kitties, foxes, video games, nerd stuff, pirates, the ocean, pizza, lemonade, & anime ♥
☆ My zodiac sign is Leo/Cancer cusp. Explains a lot, lol...
☆ For my writing, I use a fully customizable word processor called Atlantis software. For my digital art, I use PaintToolSAI and a Wacom Intuos Pen & Touch tablet.
☆ I love getting comments on my work and I try to make sure I always reply. c;
☆ I'm an introvert, also an empath, and my personality type is INFJ.
☆ My favorite colors are black & pink.
☆ I am Pansexual/Panromantic.
☆ I love Industrial and Nightcore music.
☆ I can't stand closed-minded, mean spirited, or toxic people. uwu
☆ Please don't be afraid to talk to me! ;w; I'm really nice and love making new friends!
☆ I love Ace and Sanji (from One Piece) more than anything in this world. :love:

That's it, enjoy my work, and have a nice day! :iconrubcheeksplz:
Hi everyone! :iconsayhiplz: It's been a while and I wanted to explain why I had to take so much time away during this year. ;w; I'm back now, but some really terrible things happened in my life and I had no choice, I had to take a long break from writing and drawing for almost like 6 months. And I thought I should probably explain...

I'm being deliberately vague to respect their privacy, but someone very close to me had to be rushed to the emergency room and had to have an emergency surgery and stay in the hospital for several weeks. Some of you already know more about it but this is basically to catch up those who had no idea about any of this. It took him a long time to recover from everything, he's still only just barely getting back to normal, and I had to take care of him and change his bandages twice a day, plus fill in for him at his job so we could keep things managed until his wounds healed, despite how hard it was to do all of that with my own medical problems too. In the meantime, all of the bills got way behind. It was a nonstop struggle and it was one of the hardest times in my life, but still far from the worst thing I've been through (which is kinda sad if you think about it, hence why I prefer not to think on that too much, lol). We really had no help from anyone during all of it, so that made it even harder. The hardest part of all of it was watching someone I care about go through such a terrible ordeal though. This was back in late June or early July when all this happened but we've continued to have nonstop problems from it. I've been so busy and exhausted all the time, this is why it took so long for me to even get a chance to write up a journal about it. But I am just glad he made it and didn't die, because it came very close during that ordeal... Really makes you appreciate the little things that much more. 

I do want to thank my wonderful friends and clients who commissioned me during that time, because it really helped a lot (during those first couple of weeks after the surgery especially, I would have literally starved if not for that, so it means a lot). ♥ I didn't know that was going to happen when it did and I am truly sorry for any delays. I know I got through over half of my list so far, and I should have everything else caught up soon.

That being said, I was extremely happy to come back to such a pleasant surprise when I discovered that DA now has a new blocking feature! :love: All I can say is... It's about time. The way the blocking was before was absolutely horrible. Even if you blocked someone they would still be able to stalk your account and see all of your work, journals, art, pictures, comments, conversations, etc. I've been fighting (along with others) for many years to finally get this changed. I know there was a point when I had to send in tickets about it almost weekly, which was ridiculous, but necessary. I was sick of being stalked and harassed by certain people (some of whom I have had to go so far as to get actual restraining orders for, which is just lovely as you can imagine, and even worse when a website that I make a good portion of my income from violates the terms of it by allowing them to harass me further) and now it's just really comforting to know that they can't keep coming on my account to see every little thing I say and do. It's none of their business anyway and I feel that certain people don't really deserve to even be able to look at my art after everything they've done. I almost left DA altogether because of this. I found it horribly crippling and stifling, in what used to be a fun place for me. I'm so thankful for the new update! What else can I say? I love it. :D Now I don't have to be scared or worry as much anymore. It's really great to feel like I have the freedom to be myself once again and hopefully have some peace, at long last.

There are a few things about it that I think could still be better, such as blocking comments that you leave on other people's work from their view as well. With the help of a friend, I have tested this, and sadly yes, someone you have blocked can still see your comments to others. But at least they can't see what you say and do on your own page or view any of your artwork anymore, so that part is at least satisfying. It's still a lot better than before.

Sorry if I've been out of touch with everyone, a ton of things have happened and my whole world pretty much changed, and my life is very hectic these days. ;w; I miss you all though. I'm very excited to be back and gradually feeling my inspiration coming back to me. I can't wait to look at everyone's beautiful art and literature too, I'm excited! I'm still just barely getting over a terrible case of writing and art block that has gone on for a long time. I was depressed for a while but now I am slowly and gradually starting to feel more like my old self again. ^_^ It's been a constant struggle this year, but at least things are finally starting to look up again. If things would calm down for a bit and my anxiety would lessen, then I could get back to working on things more seriously. I plan to go in a different direction and take a new approach to things this time around.

Happy holidays everyone! :party: Let's hope 2018 will be kind to all of us. ♥

-Kaline ♥ 


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I won't ask people individually, as I don't like to pester anyone or put them on the spot like that. I know how that goes. Don't feel obligated, but it's nice if you can spare something. <3

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