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Patchwork Unicorn Custom Pony by KalineReine Patchwork Unicorn Custom Pony by KalineReine
Custom Unicorn for :iconflamefrost101:
This is for their use only. No one else is allowed to use. It's not up for adoption. :XD:

Rules are simple. [link] (I need to update that journal, sorry.) Once you adopt, you can use them for whatever you wish. The character becomes yours. I only ask that you credit me for the design (not ownership) the first time you use it. I'd love to be given a link when you draw them, but that's just for fun and you don't have to. I also don't mind if you change the design a little. Just have fun.

You can choose a name and gender once you adopt. (They can be any gender and any age.) And don't forget to tell me, so I can add it here. :meow:

I take custom orders, 15-20 :points: each for pony adopts like these. :D

For customs, fill this out:
Kind of pony: (Earth Pony, Pegasus, Unicorn, or Alicorn.)
Theme: (If any.)
Colors you like/want:
Colors you don't like/want:

Lineart/base by ~YingYangKurai found here: [link]
Eye vector by ~xzenocrimzie found here: [link]
Heart Pony concept by *BambooDog [link]
First heart pony base is apparently by *iStormcrank [link] (HOWEVER I do feel this is kind of irrelevant, since the base which I used for these was the one by :devdevyingyangkurai: (Some people told me I should credit the original anyway though. So here we are.)

NOW I could care less if there were other heart pony bases out there. I realize there are a lot. Not my fault. If someone has a problem with it, please take it up with the base maker and not me. I'm getting kind of fed up with people saying I stole these when I DID NOT. And if it continues, there will not be any more pony adopts from me. I have used ALL materials here with FULL AND ADEQUATE PERMISSION from the artists who made them. All comments or notes regarding this in the future shall be disregarded. Thank you and have a nice day.
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December 9, 2012
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